RFC 2017 will be held September 28-30 at the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, KY (just outside of Cincinnati) and will feature Joel Beeke, Ken Ham, Todd Friel, Armen Thomassian and David Murray.

The purpose of the Reforming Families Conference (RFC) is based upon the Latin phrase: semper reformans, semper reformanda – “reformed, always reforming.” To that end, our desire is to challenge and encourage families to advance in their quest to glorify Christ and advance His kingdom…and to be Always Reforming.

RFC-2014_68Our 2017 theme will be Finding Joy in a Gloomy World and we’ll have sessions taking on different aspects of this large subject. In addition, each afternoon, you’ll have plenty of time for touring the Creation Museum and new Ark Encounter, visiting the indoor and outdoor exhibits, petting zoo, botanical gardens as well as enjoying the new zip line. There are plenty of options for meals at the Creation Museum and times for fellowship for those who attend.

At our previous conference (RFC 2015), we several hundered who attended and represented 26 states as well as the United Kingdom and Canada. Some of these families met for the first time at the conference and are now staying in contact because of the friendships that were created. Some of our previous speakers have included: Ken Ham, Steve Ham, Joel Beeke, David Murray, Al Martin, Michael Barrett, Kevin Swanson, Alan Cairns, Colin Mercer, David McClelland, Brad Baugham, Gerald Bilkes and Geoff Banister.

Admission to the conference is ONLY $50 per family!

So, consider attending this exciting conference, complete with solid, Christ-centered preaching and teaching, fun times of fellowship and activities for your family and making life-long friends. Please feel free to browse our website for all of the details related to travel, activities, registration and more. And make sure to tell your friends, fellow church members and extended family about this exciting conference opportunity.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Ryan Elliott – RFC Director

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